Isabel and Buboy were able to get away from their assailants; Fredo arrived just a split second late after Isabel puts on her shell necklace. Isabel suffered a contusion on her forehead and was rushed by Fredo to the hospital. At Din Juan’s house, Ava wants to stay at their house, even though Don Juan doesn’t want to be living with her under same roof. Sheila Mae was very excited to see her mom but Ava showed no affection towards her daughter.

At Sirenea, Banak is worried that something bad is happening to Dyesebel, she couldn’t confirmed her hunch because her shell phone was destroyed. Luckily for Banak, Erebus came by her house and offered to fix her shell phone.

Don Juan threatened to file an annulment, if Ava insists of staying with them but he later withdrew his plan, for the sake of preserving the good reputation of the company. Meanwhile, the doctor gave a go ahead signal that Isabel is ok and can go home, Fredo knew that Isabel and Buboy had nowhere else to go, he decides to take them to his house and let them stay there for the time being. He introduced Isabel to his dad and step mom, Don Juan was shocked to see Isabel.