Simula pa lang ng unang panahon, pinaniniwalaan na mayroong ibang daigdig bukod sa mundong ibabaw, mundo na walang nakakaalam kahit na sino… Doo’y makulay at puno ng saya, mundo ng mga nilalang na tapat kung umiibig, ito ang mundo ng mga nilalang na minsang lang umibig, mundo na kung minsan ay mihirap paniwalaan…

Once upon a time, not a long time ago, there was young man named Tino. He came from a rich family that has a fishing business. Tino fell in love with a woman that he rescued from the sea. Her name Lucia, nobody knows where she came from, She herself doesn’t remember anything about her past.

Despite his Mother’s objections, Tino married Lucia and the two became a happy couple. While pregnant, Lucia loves to look at the calendar that had a picture of a mermaid named “Dyesebel”.

Tino’s mother doesn’t accept Lucia as daughter in-law, she had a suspicion that Lucia is just after Tino’s money.

An earthquake occurred while Lucia is giving birth, the doctors were shocked, when they saw appearance of the newborn. Lucia named the baby “Dyesebel”.